Wonder Hoodie

Our Story

Our mission is to make high-quality body armor more accessible. Wonder Hoodie was created during a time of turmoil and uncertainty. When our founder was in search of a bullet-proof alternative for her mom and brother, she was appalled to learn that not only were there limited body armor options for women and children, prices also soared into the thousands. Amongst daily news of senseless shootings, mass stabbings, and bombings, she reflected on her feelings of helplessness as she contemplated choosing between protecting her family or having enough money to pay for rent. Frustrated and geared with a convenient background in the field, she set out to make her own - knowing very clearly that many companies charge an unreasonable premium on their products out of and brought together a team of engineers and experts to bring it to the masses at an accessible price point and with a discreet flare that is sure to Wonder Hoodie Help us stand for something by joining this revolution. Protect yourself and your loved ones, and never walk alone again.