Wonder Hoodie

Ugh, the Waiting Game

 We're Working As Fast As We Can! 

Update: 9/28/2018: Our next shipment of DuPont Kevlar will come mid-January 2019. Please bear with us through this time as we begin setting up a manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, CA. Also, remember to use our EARLYXMAS promo-code to get $35 OFF your order and snag an additional safety gift. We do, however, have a few sizes in stock: Should you order one of these sizes, you can expect it to arrive within 3-4 weeks

Our hearts are heavy with duty to help every person feel safe. The overwhelming patience and support we've received in these early months of selling have been the greatest fuel for us. There are few words we can offer as thanks, so we'll just work harder everyday to show how much we appreciate you all.

Wonder Hoodie Team