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Body Armor Fitting Advice and Adjustments

It’s important to understand how body armor was intended to be worn before deciding on a Brand or type of armor. A good rule of thumb is that body armor should be worn snug to the body – and here’s why:

  1. A snug fit ensures the armor is correctly positioned to protect vital organs and reduce the risk of injury from ballistic and slash threats, especially when you’re on the move. If the armor shifts positioning, it could leave or lead to the exposure of critical areas, diminishing its protective capabilities. Beware of companies that just have armor to insert into the pockets of jackets, instead of armor that conforms to and moves with the wearer.
  2. A snug fit helps distribute the weight of the armor more evenly across the body, reducing discomfort and fatigue, which is essential during extended wear. This even distribution is vital for maintaining mobility and agility, allowing the wearer to move more freely and react swiftly in dangerous situations. 
  3. Well fitting body armor minimizes the gap between the armor and the body, which can help absorb and dissipate the energy from impacts more effectively, providing better blunt force trauma protection. 

A good, snug fit is crucial for optimal protection, comfort, and performance. If you understand the general rule, you’ll have the right perspective when choosing a brand, type, or size of body armor to buy.

At Wonder Hoodie, our mission is to provide the highest form of bodily protection to the public and since 2018, have prided ourselves on our affordable price tag, adjustable body armor design, and variety of sizes ranging from children to Adult 4XL. With so many options to choose from, however, it’s unfortunate when a new customer orders an incorrect size and then decides body armor just isn’t for them. We are sharing this article to help our existing customers and potential customers with the fitting of their body armor.

Wonder Hoodie Good Fit Examples

5”2 female – normally wears M in women’s 
Ordered a Small, Black Bulletproof Hoodie from Wonder Hoodie

5”10 Male – normally wears M in Men’s 
Ordered a Medium, Black Bulletproof Hoodie from Wonder Hoodie

When fitted properly, your Wonder Hoodie product should be comfortable and discreet, like the pictures of everyday models on our Instagram @wonderhoodie. If after receiving your product and you aren’t pleased with the fit, we will work with you to exchange to a new size or style.

Wonder Hoodie BAD Fit Examples 

“Bulky” ❌

This petite woman normally wears a Small in Women’s, ordered a Wonder Hoodie Unisex Small and Medium but returned both as they were too large. She complained of it feeling and looking bulky, and that her armor jutted out in a triangle from her chest. 

The size that she should have ordered was a Wonder Hoodie unisex XS


This 5”2 woman normally wears XS/Small in Women’s and ordered a Wonder Hoodie Unisex Small. She said the bulkiness gave off a boxy shape when worn and that her hood is too big on her head.

The size that she should have ordered was a Wonder Hoodie unisex XS, which has smaller head protection panels as well.


“Like a box” 

A customer insisted on purchasing a Medium bulletproof hoodie for her growing teenage daughter (Y14), but was not pleased with the fit when it arrived, explaining that it looked like she was wearing a box.

This customer should have ordered her teenage daughter a unisex XS.



 This order is tricky as the customer (5”8 Slim Male) who normally wears a M in Men’s coats, ordered a Unisex Medium but complained of a boxy feeling on his Bulletproof Jean jacket. As seen in the photo, the armor doesn’t conform to the wearer’s body but floats on top of it, leaving about 2 inches of room on each side of his body. 

This customer ordered the jean jacket size that he normally wears for a slightly oversized look, but the armor underneath was too big for him. Wonder Hoodie only offers a true Unisex fit and the armor sizes have been cut to correspond with the average Unisex sizing on the jackets. While our body armor comes with adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit, if the wearer is too thin, the armor may just not overlap properly. In this case, the customer’s only option is to order a smaller size or to contact form for recommendations or a custom order (Note: customizations may incur a fee).


“Rigid plates” 

Customer (6”0 Male) normally wears a L in T-Shirts and an XL in hoodies and orders a Wonder Hoodie Unisex XL. With his XL Hoodie, he was able to use the adjustable straps to ensure the body armor underneath conforms to his body. He did, however, complain about the “rigid-ness” of the armor plates.

To address his concern, we shared that our armored plates are manufactured with NEW Kevlar or PE direct from the source and as such, will need some time to achieve flexibility. To speed up the process, we recommended he bend and flex his armor. He was so pleased with the results, that he shared a photo with us, showing the fine curves of his discreet, new bulletproof hoodie - head protection and all. 


Summary of fit and adjustments:

  • Women should order 1 or 2 sizes down from our Unisex Sizing
    (Ex: Small in Women’s should order an XS in Wonder Hoodie sizing)
  • Men should order the size that they normally wear but consider a smaller size if they are thin as body armor should be worn snug to the body
  • If you find yourself between two sizes, we recommend getting the size based on your chest measurements.
  • A good, snug fit is crucial for optimal protection, comfort, and performance when it comes to purchasing body armor.
  • Wonder Hoodie products come with adjustable side straps to improve fit but the customer still needs to consider the correct size for themselves to ensure proper fit.


For additional questions on fit, do not hesitate to reach out to us on Live Chat (9-5PM PST M-F), or via contact form, or email.