Wonder Hoodie

Premium Stabproof Clothing 🇺🇸

Wonder Hoodie has partnered with the veterans of Shadow Works ™️ (SWX) to bring you the world’s first, truly lightweight stab proof clothing line.

If you’re asking why our stab proof hoodie costs so much more than the stab or slash proof shirts you’ve seen on Amazon or on an overseas marketplace, then you must have not tried to overhand a knife into those cheaper garments. Shadow Works (SWX) consists of a team of United States Army Special Forces veterans who understand the intricacies of gun and knife battle. They have spent years designing, patenting, and commercializing a truly remarkable fabric that they, themselves, could have brought into battle. Our stab proof hoodie gives you a double layer of protection on the torso and protection for your arms and head as well. Stab proof clothing is a no brainer product in our line of protective clothing for those who want to stay prepared and to feel safe everywhere they go.