Wonder Hoodie

Premium Bulletproof Clothing

See and feel the difference with our American made, award-winning bulletproof apparel - now lighter and with more NIJ-IIIA coverage over the most vital parts of your body and a free trauma pad in every product.

Loved by moms and law enforcement alike, our body armor products have stood up to strict national guidelines and field testing on and off camera. We’re different from our competition in the most pertinent, ‘no brainer’ ways. Our bulletproof apparel was designed to be worn by law enforcement and make sense for every civilian use as well. We have ensured that our bulletproof clothing provides NIJ IIIA protection, the highest available in soft body armor, for all the vital organs. Our products allow wearers to customize their fit with our adjustable shoulder and waist straps and removable shells that can change with the seasons. We’ve seen how expensive, outdated, and confusing the bulletproof apparel landscape has been and want to make a difference - one bulletproof hoodie at a time. Please stay tuned and keep checking back to see what useful protective clothing we come up with next.