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Bulletproof Pants: Why They’re Important

Bulletproof Pants: Why They’re Important

Bulletproof Vests Save Lives, but What Happens When Officers are Shot in the Head or Legs?


October 23, 2019

Local 21 News in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania reported last week that Officer Timothy Shea was shot in the leg while responding to a domestic violence call. This brave officer took it upon himself to tie a tourniquet around his leg and head back into the suspect’s home. His bravery, along with his partner, helped save the life of the women that was being held hostage inside.

We often hear on the news of public safety officials being shot at in the line of duty. Thankfully we’ve also heard the success stories how many lives have been saved with the use of body armor. Most of these officers usually only wear a tactical bulletproof vest which brings up an interesting question. What is the survival rate of our men and women in uniform that unfortunately get shot in the head or the legs? A quick Google search shows four instances of officers being shot in the leg just since August and these are just the stories that made it to the news.

Also last week, KCRG News in Davenport, IA reported that Officer Ryan Leabo was awarded the Purple Heart Award by the Iowa State Police Officers Association. Officer Leabo was involved in a foot chase last April when he was shot in the chest and leg. His vest stopped one bullet, but sadly the other one penetrated his leg.

Several law enforcement agencies have reached out to us over the last few months asking if we had any plans to produce bulletproof pants. Why is there such a great need for bulletproof pants you ask? ESPN reported on the sad death of Washington Redskin’s player, Sean Taylor, after he was shot in the leg, “An injury of this type “essentially means you can lose all the blood in your whole body within five minutes,” said Dr. Mary Pat McKay, director of George Washington University’s Center for Injury Prevention and Control.”

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Bullet Defense is in the business of saving lives and we take that responsibility very seriously. We now have bulletproof pants available for public safety officials, field personal, private security, outdoor enthusiasts, government agencies and campus environments. Additionally, we also have bulletproof clothing and gear for civilians that provide protection for one’s head and body.

Karrie M. Rockwell