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Common Self Defense Scenarios, And What To Do

Common Self Defense Scenarios, And What To Do

Most people who carry a gun wish never to use it. Using a gun in self-defense will be a life-changing event, no matter the outcome. Nobody really knows how they will react in a self-defense scenario, but with proper training, you can prepare yourself to react quickly to possibly save your life.

In this blog, we will discuss several of the most common self-defense scenarios, and several possible outcomes for each scenario. 

When An Armed Intruder Invades Your Home

One of the biggest fears for homeowners is that someone will break into their home while they are sleeping. Many people have alarm systems in their homes to alert them to broken doors or windows, or movement in the house. 

If You Are Alerted And Can Escape

Different states have different laws. Even when you’re in your own home, some states require you to attempt to flee if you have the chance. Crazy, I know. But in the end, that may sometimes be the best possible outcome. 

Escaping your house in an invasion scenario will be most likely if you live in a single-story home. It’s also most likely if you have a home security system that goes off, or a trusty guard dog. Other factors that come into play are if you have children or other adults living with you, and the layout of your house. Most homes have a back door that you can escape out of. The best-case scenario is that the intruder gets scared when the alarm goes off and flees the scene. If you have time, get your family to a safe room and have them call 911 before you pursue the intruder. 


When You Are Confronted and, As a Last Resort, Have to Engage

A far more common home invasion scenario is one where the homeowner uses a firearm to defend themselves and their family. Most gun owners keep a gun near their beds for just this type of situation. If you do have to engage an intruder in your home, there are a few things you need to remember. If you have other people in your home, be aware of the direction you are firing. Stray rounds from a handgun or rifle can easily go through the drywall and strike an innocent child in another room. Shotguns are safer as they generally don’t penetrate walls. If you have time, get your family to a safe room and have them call 911 before you pursue the intruder. 


How To Help Others Escape

One way to increase your odds of escaping an invasion is to have a plan and practice it. If you have kids living in the house, practice an escape plan. This can be a multi-purpose plan in the event of a fire, an intruder, or any number of things. If they live on the second floor, having an emergency window ladder could be a lifesaver. They also need to know where to meet you once they are outside of the house. A trusted neighbor’s house is the perfect place.


Armed Person in Public

Being mugged in public is perhaps the main reason why people carry concealed weapons. Carrying a gun could save your life one day. 

If You Are Able to Escape

In a common self defense scenario where you're in a restaurant or gas station, you may or may not be the direct target of the gunman. If you’re not the target, there’s a good chance that you may be able to escape. Once you realize that there’s a problem, stay low and locate the nearest exit if you’re indoors. If you’re not in the immediate area of the gunman, get out as fast as you can. When safe, call 911 immediately to report the incident. If you are in the “danger zone”, the best advice is to stay on the ground and don’t move. 


When You Are Confronted and, As a Last Resort, Have to Engage

If you’re confronted with a gunman face-to-face, there may never be a chance for you to draw your weapon and fire. You have to judge the situation very carefully. If the gunman seems distracted or looks away, you may be able to draw your weapon and defend yourself. If you can draw your weapon, remember what’s behind the target. You could easily hit an innocent bystander with a stray round in a high-stress situation like that.


How to Help Others Escape

In a group situation such as a gas station or restaurant, as long as you’re not directly near the gunman, you should be able to hide or escape. If there’s a backdoor nearby, you can assist those around you in getting out and to safety. 



Armed Person at Work or School 

Training for active shooter scenarios at work or school can go a long way to helping you survive if it ever happens. Please consult with your workplace or school’s Health Safety Manager to look for and schedule training. 

When You Are Alerted Early and Can Escape or Barricade

The three principles of active shooter scenarios are Run, Hide, Fight. It’s always possible to run, especially in a school. And fighting is a last resort. So hiding or barricading your room or office often becomes your best defense. Move any furniture that you can in front of the door. Desks, chairs, wardrobes, etc. Anything that you can do to make the room harder to enter might save your life.


When You Are Confronted and, As a Last Resort, Have to Engage

Many people aren’t able to take concealed firearms with them to work or school. If you are ever confronted with an active shooter scenario, you need to find whatever weapon you can from the things around you. Table legs, keys, pencils, anything that you can use to protect yourself. Barricade your room also. If the shooter comes into the room, the barricade will give you valuable time to attack. It may also make them think twice, and possibly change course and leave your room.


How To Help Other People and Protect Them

If you’re in charge, it’s your responsibility to protect the people in your room or office. Besides barricading the room, you can try to find weapons for everyone in the room. Also, if you have first-floor windows, you can help people escape the room by climbing out the window. 





Any moment, you could be confronted with a life or death scenario. Proper training and planning with your loved ones can help increase the odds that you survive.