Wonder Hoodie

Introducing Wonder Hoodie X

Introducing Wonder Hoodie X

“If it’s inaccessible to all, it’s neither radical nor revolutionary.”

Wonder Hoodie was founded on a belief that everyone, not just the rich, could afford superior body armor and peace of mind. While we pride ourselves on the quality of our bulletproof products and their design, we understand how disastrous the pandemic has been to all and how rampant fear has grown for many in the United States. We have listened to the requests over the years from our loyal supporters and are proud to introduce a new, truly accessible product line with bulletproof clothing starting at $425

Kevlar and ​​PE

Kevlar is one of the most popular ballistic fabrics in the United States and is responsible for saving countless lives on and off the field since its invention in 1962 by Stephanie Kwolek of Dupont. While its popularity is clear in the United States, a different ballistic material is favored around the world.

Ultra High Molecular Weight, High-Performance Polyethylene (UHMWPE), a lesser-known ballistic material in the United States, is more commonly referred to as Polyethylene (PE). PE was widely used in hip replacements before it found its usefulness as one of the most common ballistic materials found in bulletproof vests around the world. A Field Test and Evaluation shows the effectiveness of both Kevlar and PE in providing NIJ-IIIA protection, and also hints at several improvements found in the testing and handling of PE. Overall, we have found that PE’s lightweightedness, general availability, and ease with maintenance make it a perfect material in our new line of X products.

Please see our NIJ-IIIA Wonder Hoodie X Ballistic Lab Results HERE, and check out our WHX Adult Bulletproof Hoodie here. Learn more about NIJ-IIIA HERE.


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