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Safety Tips: Preventing Crimes when You’re Walking Alone

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Follow these safety tips to protect yourself when walking alone:



  1. Plan your route ahead of time. Never walk alone at night. Walk with a friend or your dog.


  2. Always be aware of your surroundings, and the people around you.


  3. Stay in well lit areas,. Avoid shortcuts through alleys, parks, vacant lots, or other deserted place.


  4. Walk in the middle of the sidewalk facing traffic.


  5. Carry defensive devices such as pepper spray.


  6. Don't carry large sums of money or wear valuable jewelry.


  7. Remember, your life and safety is worth more than any personal property.


  8. Never ask for or accept a ride from a stranger.


  9. Have your keys ready when entering your home or car. When inside the car, lock the doors and drive away.


  10. Have your phone ready just in case and know which numbers to call.