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Safety Blog: How to Protect Yourself from a Gunman

Safety Blog: How to Protect Yourself from a Gunman

Remember these safety tips when being approached by a gunman:



  1. Always remain calm.

  2. Staying calm lets you think clearly and keeps you from doing anything that could harm you or others.


  3. Establish eye contact.

  4. This could cause the assailant to hesitate and think twice about harming you.

    Looking into their eyes forces them to acknowledge your humanity in the situation


  5. Cooperate.

  6. Follow their instructions calmly. Arguing or resisting could anger the assailant.

    Inform the assailant if you're reaching for your wallet or phone, else they might interpret it as reaching for a weapon


  7. Don't challenge them.

  8. Avoid getting physical or Verbal. Don’t struggle or put up a fight knowing they have a weapon. Doing so could aggravate the situation and give the assailant more of a reason to harm you.


  9. Study the assailant.

  10. Analyze their face, movements, clothes, or any other detail to identify them. See if they have any unique features like scars, birthmarks, tattoos or anything that would distinguish them.


  11. When it's over, CALL 911.