Wonder Hoodie

Hear it from our Founder

HEAR IT FROM OUR FOUNDER "I'm currently working on a bullet/slash-proof hoodie business, which stemmed from a personal need I had. When crazy violent events were happening in Seattle (5 shootings in week) and abroad (daily reports of mass stabbings, bombings, shootings, etc.), I became very worried for my mother and brother who walked home alone everyday. I searched online for bulletproof vests, but quickly rethought my decision because these commercial vests didn't seem very practical to me -- knowing my mom and brother, they would definitely not put the bulky thing on just for the purpose of walking home. Instead, I looked for a bulletproof coat that they could wear and complement their regular clothes. Not only were options very limited for women, teens, and children, the only high-quality ones I could find were made in Colombia, and they sold for an average of $2,000-5,000. It was obvious that this was a product made for presidents and prime ministers (+their body guards), not for my mom, my brother, or any regular person it seems. With some background in material science, health & safety, and business administration, I knew it didn't cost much to make one -- so now I am setting out to make my own. I want concerned parents, college students, and world travelers to have an affordable, good looking, and high quality option to protect themselves too -- and I'm pretty sure I won't stop until it happens. "   Vy, Founder (She loves memes, works in the field of health and safety, and puts a lot of time and effort into long chat messages such as the paragraph above.)