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Tactical Bulletproof Vests: Why Don’t They Cover The Whole Torso?

Tactical Bulletproof Vests: Why Don’t They Cover The Whole Torso?

We get a lot of questions about our Tactical Bulletproof Vests and would like to take some time to explain our design for those who may have never worn a bulletproof vest before.

Wonder Hoodie’s Tactical Bulletproof Vest was designed to be worn by law enforcement officers on the job. Given the nature of their work, police officers need to stay nimble on the job and access their tools at any given time. The bulletproof vest is worn under their uniform top, generally over a tee shirt. The vest is also designed to provide that officer with a comfortable fit that they can wear for eight, 12, or even 24-hour shifts. This is done by adding additional cut-out space in the shoulder and chest area to allow for a full range of motion of the arms, also why you will never see police tactical bulletproof vests that cover the arms. The ballistic protection extends down to around the navel area in order to allow the wearer to bend forward at the waist while standing and to sit comfortably in a chair or patrol car seat. If extended to the waistline, it would be very difficult to sit or bend over comfortably because the vest would dig into the wearer’s hips.

Another reason police tactical bulletproof vest designs don’t cover the entire torso is that it’s almost always worn with a duty belt. The duty belt is worn directly below where the vest stops, in line with where the pants belt is worn around the waist. The officer’s duty belt includes handgun and taser holsters, a radio pouch, a handcuff pouch, and more. The shorter length of the tactical vest allows the wearer to have easier access to all of their essential tools.

Finally, something important to remember about the police tactical bulletproof vest is that it’s designed to save the life of the wearer, not to keep them from being shot. The vest is designed to protect the vital organs, which are located in the mid-to-upper torso. The tactical bulletproof vest provides ballistic protection to the vital organs while also maximizing comfort and all-day wearability.

So you see, the Tactical Bulletproof Vest is designed with both the officer’s comfort and safety in mind. The ballistic material stops at about the navel area to provide the officer with an increased range of motion while also allowing him or her better access to their holster and other gear on their duty belt. What’s never compromised in the tactical vest design is the protection it delivers, covering the vital organs with NIJ-IIIA protection.

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Co-Authors: Adam Zimmerman (guest writer), Samuel Rodriguez (editor)