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Press Release: Stabproof Clothing Line is Only the Beginning for SWX and Wonder Hoodie Partnership

Press Release: Stabproof Clothing Line is Only the Beginning for SWX and Wonder Hoodie Partnership

April 14, 2020

Lorton, VA – Shadow Works announces the launch of the next level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for first responders. Together, Shadow Works Group™, a US disabled veteran owned small business and Wonder Hoodie™, a US minority owned small business, have developed the highest performing stab, cut, slash and puncture resistant washable Hoodie and Jacket available.

Wonder Hoodie SWX™ utilizes Shadow Works Group’s patented SWX textile complementing its line of stab, cut, slash and puncture resistant washable gloves, and builds on the Wonder Hoodie brand of bulletproof hoodies and jackets. These products combine Shadow Works’ technology with Wonder Hoodie’s innovative product design, resulting in high performance apparel created to serve and protect the law enforcement, fire services and military personnel of our great nation.   

“Our products are designed to protect first responders from being injured by edged weapons that cut, slash and stab.  With so many falling ill to the pandemic, keeping first responders who utilize our products healthy and safe has never been more important.” Stated Mark Sullivan, CEO Shadow Works.

“The Wonder Hoodie SWX is the latest product in our line of protective apparel and we are extremely excited to provide this level of protection to our first responders during this time of need. Both Shadow Works and Wonder Hoodie are small US-owned businesses and have made the conscious decision to deliver PPE into the hands of those who can use it the most.”  Stated Vy Tran, CEO Wonder Hoodie.

Shadow Works Group manufactures patented high-performance textiles and products made in the US under the Shadow Works and WorkArmor brands for first responders, military, manufacturing, commercial and construction use.

The Stabproof Hoodie mentioned, Wonder Hoodie SWX is now available for purchase.


Wonder Hoodie manufactures protective clothing for first responders, the military and general public under the brand of Wonder Hoodie. 

For more information on Shadow Works Group, visit www.ShadowWorksGroup.com or www.WorkArmor.com. For more information on Wonder Hoodie visit www.wonderhoodie.com.